About Us

Ainthorpe Primary School is a happy place for children to learn and make friends.

Our Academy aims to give children a really good start in life by developing their basic skills in literacy and numeracy while also giving them the chance to apply these skills in real life situations.

We believe that a positive primary experience will make a real difference to a child’s future education so we are committed to providing a happy and safe learning environment.

We are delighted to be a member of the David Ross Education Trust. For more information visit  or click on the link to the page to the left "About the Trust."

We work hard to support every child’s individual needs and strengths. We recognise that children learn best when they are supported and challenged accordingly in order to allow them to develop their personal confidence and self-esteem.

We have a mission statement that is at the heart of everything that we do.

Our Mission Statement

  • At Ainthorpe Primary School all the children want to feel safe and happy and make friends.
  • We want to learn to work hard and get good grades, have fun and make people smile.

Everyone has a part to play in this vision and we hope you will support us in our mission. 


Meet the Staff

Principal - Mrs Ranner

Vice Principal – Mr Davy

Assistant Principal – Mrs Westmorland


Teaching Staff

PE/Enrichment - Mrs Alston

Geography – Mrs Batty

Music – Miss Green

Literacy (KS2) and I.C.T – Mrs Britton

Maths and MFL – Mr Davy

NQT – Miss Harris, Miss Redmond, Miss Wilkes

History and Enterprise - Miss Leighton

SENCO and Safeguarding - Mrs Lyon

RE and PSHE – Mrs McCaffrey

Art/Design & Technology

Literacy (KS1)/RWI - Miss Morgan

Science and Behavior – Mrs Variava

Foundation Stage Leader and Safeguarding - Mrs Westmorland


Support staff

Miss Chapman

Mrs Clark

Mrs Cundill

Mrs Durban

Mrs Hopper

Mrs Hunter

Mrs Kamis

Mrs Miacallef

Mrs Moor

Mrs Mould

Mrs Robinson

Mrs Rotherham

Mrs Spellman

Mrs Woodcock


Admin Staff

Mrs Skelton

Miss Brown

Mr Brown – School Caretaker