Lord Blunkett visits Ainthorpe

Before half term, Lord Blunkett joined Wendy Marshall, CEO of the David Ross Education Trust (DRET), to visit pupils and staff at Ainthorpe Primary School.

Lord Blunkett, who is the Chairman of DRET, was introduced to pupils from the school council who took him and his guide dog Cosby on a tour around the new school building which opened in February this year.

Pupils had lots of questions for Lord Blunkett about how Cosby helps him, and pupils in one class were shown how Cosby responds to directions and different environments.

In return Lord Blunkett wanted to hear how pupils were enjoying their new school, what projects they were working on and even quizzing them with some maths questions.

Mrs Ranner, Principal, commented: “The pupils thoroughly enjoyed Lord Blunkett’s visit. The school council members did a wonderful job of taking our guests around the school and we look forward to welcoming him back soon.”