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Ainthorpe Primary School

Ainthorpe Primary School is a happy place for children to learn and make friends.


First hand experience is invaluable to children and we are always eager to take advantage of every opportunity.

This is one of the reasons why we have many activities for the children at Ainthorpe to get involved with.

We like to:

  1. a) invite interesting people and events into school; and
  2. b) take children out of school to visit people and places in the neighbourhood or further afield.

Parents are always informed of these excursions and may be asked to accompany the children in order to help staff.

A full list of all the activities we have at the school this term can be found in the school office.

Community Programs

Working in partnership with the local community is very important to us as an academy.

The Friends of Ainthorpe are a small group of parent/guardians and community members who work hard throughout the year to raise money, through various events, for our academy.

They organise fundraising activities to buy items for the children that the school budget can’t. They have held quiz nights, a summer fair, a mother’s day shop, a secret santa shop and raffles, to name just a few.

Any money raised is used to buy things that will benefit ALL the children at Ainthorpe.

Some examples of what the friends have raised money for include:

  • The trim trail
  • Refurbish the school library
  • Cookery equipment in the D.T. room
  • Subsidised family coach trip
  • Lunchtime play equipment
  • Prizes for Easter competitions
  • DVD player

By supporting any of our events, helping out with organisation, becoming a committee member, or just giving us your suggestions you will be really helping our academy and our pupils. If you can help in any way please, please do. You can find out more by going to the Friends of Ainthorpe page on our website.