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Ainthorpe Primary School

Ainthorpe Primary School is a happy place for children to learn and make friends.


There are thirteen classes at Ainthorpe, starting with the foundation stage and going right through until children leave for secondary school at the end of Year 6.

Classes are taught as a combination of whole class teaching, small groups and one to one intervention.

  • FSM Pegasus - Miss Morgan
  • FSG Aquila - Mrs Green
  • Y1 Hydra - Mrs McCaffrey
  • Y1 Corvus - Miss Akter
  • Y2 Hercules - Miss Richardson
  • Y2 Carina- Miss Redmond
  • Y3 Draco - Ms Leighton
  • Y3/4 Delphinus - Mrs Batty
  • Y4 Cetus - Miss Mawson
  • Y5 Orion - Miss Ledgard
  • Y5 Lynx - Mrs Lyon
  • Y6 Phoenix - Miss Dobbs
  • Y6 Pictor - Miss Wilkes