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Ainthorpe Primary School

Ainthorpe Primary School is a happy place for children to learn and make friends.

A visit from the farm.

On Tuesday, our Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 children were lucky enough to have a visit from The Purple Pig Farm who brought a range of different animals with them. The visit was to show our children a number of different animals and how to look after them.

The farm brought farm animals including calves, ducklings, rabbits and piglets and spoke to our children about the different foods they eat as well as the different things they liked to do. 

Some of our children had never seen these animals close up and it was therefore a valuable experience for them. One child commented "I got to hold a baby duckling. It was so soft but very noisy when it quacked."

The children have used this experience to help develop their learning of animals and their life-cycles.