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Ainthorpe Primary School

Ainthorpe Primary School is a happy place for children to learn and make friends.


At Ainthorpe Primary safeguarding is at the heart of everything that we do. Our children have a right to be kept safe and feel happy at school. Safeguarding is the responsibility of everyone who works at Ainthorpe.


At Ainthorpe Primary we will ensure:-

-the welfare of our children is paramount

-concerns about children are dealt with in a timely manner

-all staff who work in or visit the school are aware of who they need to report concerns to

-staff have received up to date training


These are the staff with a safeguarding responsibility:


Sonya Westmorland - Designated Safeguarding LeadMrs Katherine LyonKatherine Lyon - Deputy Safeguarding Lead 

Sarah Ellis - Deputy Safeguarding Lead




Wendy Baxter - Governor of safeguarding




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If you have safeguarding concerns about a member of staff at Ainthorpe Primary you can contact the Local Authority Designated Officer (LADO). The LADO is Jacquie Edhouse and you can contact her on 01482 790933

If you have concerns about a child at Ainthorpe please speak to one of the safeguarding team. Alternatively, you can contact EHASH on 01482 448879.

If you have immediate concerns about a child’s safety, you should contact 999.

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